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Just Launched: Maidservant of Encouragement Home Decor

Just Launched: Maidservant of Encouragement Home Decor


So, I’ve been quiet and I’m going to continue being quiet. But I wanted to share a new baby with you, a wee one that came to be in the creative magic of this quiet season, a  home decor shop inspired by the Maidservant of Encouragement printables. 

This period of withdrawing from the world of social media has been fruitful for me. So much more time for creative efforts! Like M of E HOME. I’m proud of our little shop. My husband and I took a risk and invested all of profits from our printables shop last year and got our selves a little heat press, tools, and vinyl supplies to create some fun home products of our own…swiss cross pillow covers, hand lettered quote tote bags, funny and inspirational quote kitchen towels,  modern west cork coasters, kids room canvas banners, and of course, typography poster prints and poster printables (in this shop we are featuring high resolution poster printables you can print up to 18×24!).
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.47.22 PM


M of E Home is brand new and it’s definitely not fully stocked yet, but we are excited. (Please be checking back here to see the new listing when they arrive!) I wanted to celebrate because we made our first sale today! We are thinking one of the things we would like to be able to put these profits is take our family on a missions trip next year and help support a family we know who is moving to India on mission.

Cool things are happening for Maidservant of Encouragement…(so grateful!). It has been a hard season personally but God is very present and good work in my soul is being done.  Being featured in Whimsey Box and Brickyard Buffalo this month seems like a very sweet hug from God.  Plus, I’ve been having so much fun working with Cake & Whiskey magazine. Love the editor there. She is brilliant. Her name is Megan Smith. and she will be a household name, like Oprah  and  Martha Stewart, you just watch.  I’m a contributing writer this year for there relationships column and I’ve gotten to do some custom design work for one of their upcoming issues.  Praising God for all of this, because truly it is all Him. All of it. Came by His blessing, in His timing. I pursued none of it. For so many years I broke my back on my blog trying to make me something it was never meant to be.  The moment I surrendered and loosened my grip, other stuff–very good stuff- began happening.  It is a lesson I hope to remember for always.

Hoping all of you are well. Praying this season of lent has been meaningful for each of you.  I am learning so much about myself in this quiet space. I am learning the less I worry about what is going out there, the more I have to give to the dearest ones closest to me and the world at large. Creativity is a gift and each of us have some kind of it to nurture. Are you nurturing yours? I am finding that creativity and productivity both require an inner awareness and calm…something screen time doesn’t foster very well for me. Though I will always be a lover of words and consider myself a writer before anything else,  I am really enjoying working more with my hands right now.

I’m also wholeheartedly loving the holy yoga classes I am teaching.   Out of nowhere an incredibly opportunity from Kristen Kalp of Brandcamp came to me…. we have been doing private online yoga classes together for a couple months now. (She asked me and I said no. She asked me again, and we made it happen…(You can’t say no to Kristen Kalp). We do it via Facetime, every week.  Can you believe it?! I never thought it could work, but it is! and I am so grateful to her for convincing me it was a good idea. Teaching her and sharing yoga with her has been a gift to me. It has shown me I have a true love for teaching the breath! She has invited me to share yoga and breath work at Brandcamp this year. Crazy honored.  Can’t believe I’m getting to do this. I’m so not qualified, but I am willing. And I am learning God doesn’t always need or use the qualified, but He does use the willing.  Saying Yes to the Spirit when the Spirit invites is an exciting adventure.

Happy Easter soon! He is Risen. Praying you let Him do all He dreams to do with you and through you.

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