I’ve watched this video of Sister Cristina five times already.

I love it. I love what she has to say about Madonna’s Song, Like A Virgin,

“Reading the text, without being influenced by previous interpretations, you discover that it is a song about the power of love to renew people [and] rescue them from their past,” Sister Cristina told Italian newspaper Avvenire.”

Tomorrow we leave for Italy. And we are going there for the sake of love. To be renewed. The God who has shown me his tenderness and kindness has rescued me from a heavy past. But pieces of me still grow weary under the relentless dictator named Performance. I need rescuing every single day. Mostly from myself.


I am grateful to get to go to Italy, but I don’t know if I’m proud of the obsessive work that has earned me the trip. Running three Etsy shops and trying to grow a little yoga and oil business is a little crazy. I’m hoping to get some rest on this trip and to just laugh a lot with my husband. I’ve let our relationship (because it’s the safest) take the brunt of the weight of my addiction to Busy. I want things to change. Maybe there are some women who can do it all, but it is starting to feel a little unhealthy for me to aspire to being one of them.

Thank goodness I have help now for Maidservant of Encouragement and Moe Yoga. So thankful for my Kristen who is taking care of orders and customers while I am away.

Last night I taught my final holy yoga class in the 8 week series, “Breath is Spirit.” I offered a verse from Isaiah to my students, a verse I desperately need to consider and meditate on while I am away.

“For thus said the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

Five years ago my husband and I did a very irresponsible thing and put a trip to Italy on the credit card. It was money well borrowed. We have looked back on that trip so many times; the memory, a well for us to return to in dry times; the book of photographs we made a consistent and a deep remembrance of joy. To return and find rest in Italy will be so lovely. But the greater blessing is the return we make to the Lord and the rest we find in Him.


All of me- flesh and spirit- can’t wait to get on that plane tomorrow. I’ve been to Italy 8 times before, but tomorrow my love for Italy, my husband, and my God– will be made new again. Sister Cristina will be my soundtrack. ;)

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Today I bring you a new series. “An Oil Story” will be a regular series on the blog to share our real life experiences with essential oils. Maybe you’ve been using Essential Oils for years. Maybe you are wondering what all the fuss is about. (How many of your Facebook friends have invited you to participate in an oils class or webinar in the last few months?) Essential oils are kinda sweeping the nation right now. Yeah, it’s a craze! And it’s a good craze!

In this series we will humbly explore why. No hype, just real life. To kick us off I am honored to introduce you to my friend and mentor, Jen Hoyord. She is my sister in Holy Yoga. We met last year at the Holy Yoga Training Retreat Intensive. She was my small group leader. I was drawn to her humility, her quiet poise, her tender desire to serve, her ability to hold the space for people to be themselves, and her knowledge and love for essential oils.  Over the next few months I look forward to you getting to know her like I do.  If you have more questions about essential oils please connect with us here. 

Jen Hoyord

For about a decade, I had a funny little relationship with essential oils. I didn’t know

much about them or even what they were good for, but there was something I just liked

about them. I found myself naturally gravitating toward essential oils anytime I found

them in their little bottles lined up on a store’s shelves. I flirted with them, lingered,

dabbed them on my wrists, then eventually moved on.


Starting Small

The day I found a recipe for making my own yoga mat spray was a big day. The

concoction called for a couple of essential oils, and I finally had a reason to take some

of those brown bottles home with me. I bought lavender and “tea tree” from a local

natural foods store and got busy mixing up my new cleaner. I was surprised and a little

bummed when the whole process took less than 5 minutes to finish. I capped my oils

and stuck them in the cupboard to collect dust until it was time to make mat cleaner

again. This is the dance I danced for a lot of years with essential oils. It was slow and dull and

while I certainly loved the idea of oils, the passion was lacking.


That changed three years ago.


New Options for Health

I was in the process of opening a yoga studio and my husband was battling ongoing

allergy and sinus issues. I was a bit stressed out with all the new-to-me tasks, and he

was visiting doctors and specialists, but still having difficulty breathing. The latest option

for my husband’s health was a prescription that would cost $100 per week. We felt

pretty helpless and defeated as we realized this was really not an option financially for us.


Around this time, a friend gifted me a bottle of essential oil labeled “Balance.” It was a

woodsy blend designed to help in grounding one’s energy. She told me to put it on the

bottoms of my feet whenever I felt scattered or anxious. I adored the smell, and I loved

the idea that it could contribute to my emotional wellbeing. So I started using that oil

regularly. Then when I mentioned my husband’s health struggle, something amazing

happened. She produced another blend of essential oils. This one was called “Breathe,”

formulated for all things respiratory. Suddenly, our family had new options.

And this was when things moved to the next level for me and oils.


Playing Matchmaker

Those two incredible blends – still two of my favorites today – are part of doTERRA’s

collection of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils. These quality oils inspired

me to learn more, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to share them. I started

playing matchmaker with all my friends and family, setting them up with their own little

bottles of lemon and peppermint or whatever they needed for their runny noses or

sleepless nights.


Committed Kind of Romance

Believe me, I’m still making yoga mat cleaner, but my relationship with essential oils is

now the full-blown, committed kind of romance. And those bottles get used often

enough that they’ve graduated out of the cupboard and onto our kitchen counter.

They’re a constant reminder of my blessings, my calling to teach and to love.

Each time someone comes back to me with a success story, I come alive.

Again and again, these oils have connected me to others, to their

stories of freedom and wholeness, physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially.

Believe me, I’m still making yoga mat cleaner, and who knows, maybe this is where

your story will begin, too.

Favorite Mat Cleaner Recipe What you’ll need: 4 ounces witch hazel 4 ounces filtered water 8 drops lemongrass essential oil 8 drops lavender essential oil 8 ounce spray bottle Pour the witch hazel, water and essential oils into the spray bottle and shake to mix.

Favorite Mat Cleaner Recipe

What you’ll need:

4 ounces witch hazel

4 ounces filtered water

8 drops lemongrass essential oil

8 drops lavender essential oil

8 ounce spray bottle

Pour the witch hazel, water and essential oils into the spray bottle and shake to mix.

Learn more about Essential Oils for Healing here. 

Why dōTERRA?

We have chosen dōTERRA because we believe they are the highest quality oils, and because their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) third party testing ensures that every bottle is consistent in it’s potency. dōTERRA sources their plants from around the world  and we believe this is important for two big reasons: 1). plants grown in their native environment yield the most ideal fruit (oils) and 2). struggling third world communities and economies are revitalized by the fair wage jobs dōTERRA brings for their growers. 

If you would like to purchase oils you can do so here.

I have met many of you who are like me and are interested in creating a life-giving businesses for yourself. My involvement with dōTERRA teaches me how to care for my family, my home, and my own body/mind/spirit, and earn income that feels aligned with my values to help and inspire others.

If you’d like to be part of our global dōTERRA team, click here.

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“Movement is the song of the body.” Vanda Scaravelli

I began my own yoga practice 15 years ago. I had no intention of ever teaching.

Yoga for me was a sacred space. My mat, a private refuge.

Until I was in my thirties I battled bouts of severe depression and anxiety. As a former gymnast, I had no interest in yoga as a performance. I came to my yoga practice desperate. I could already do handstands. What I needed to learn was stillness. Every hour was for redemption purposes and that is how most of my yoga practice continues to be this day.

I really love teaching new students, especially folks who never imagined they would find themselves . My style is based on grace, and my emphasis is on helping my students connect to their breath and tenderly listen and work with their bodies to experience the physical and emotional benefit of the posture. I am not interested in impressive postures for their own sake.

Yoga for me grounds me to the real. Gives me back Presence. Connects me to my breath, my heart, my body, my Why.  It is an honor for me to be guide for others to help them encounter the Beauty and Mystery that lingers so close to us all.

It’s been a journey for me these past 6 months to get comfortable in front of a camera. (For those of you who have been following along on instagram, you know).
I still have a lot of room for growth, but God is working despite me. I’m really processing through this fear of not being good enough and learning how to let go of my strong desire to shine (and do things perfectly).

The desire of my heart is to be of service to you. To be helpful and encouraging and bring you a little of what yoga has brought to me. I pray you benefit from my toiling and I thank you for your grace in advance as I stumble my way through the learning curve of teaching online.

Take a Class Now

10 Min Vinyasa Flow: Sun Salutations for Self-Acceptance

20 Min Hip & Heart Opening Class: Transform Restless Energy into Productive Energy

10 Min Restorative Class: Make Peace with the To-Do List

Please don’t hesitate to offer me feedback, constructive criticism and thoughts/ideas on what kinds of classes you would like to see. I have some ideas but hearing from you would be a huge blessing to me. And if you have NO INTEREST in yoga I would really love to hear from you. If anything at all could slightly nudge you in the direction of giving it a chance, would you please hit reply and share it with me?

I want to be on this journey with you. Together lets find some grace and peace. And freedom and healing. And always more romance and adventure. :)

Breathe new,


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