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Maidservant of Encouragement is one of my fun side projects and I like to think of her as your fairy godmother of inspiration disguised as a print house. Don't Forget You  Love to Dance | Maidservant of Encouragement | MofEHome

Quite simply, MofE is here to encourage you. We see the dreams in you, the good in, the hope in you, the fantastic wild in you, and we are here to remind you not to forget it.

We believe words matter. Don’t you? We want to see everyone surrounding themselves with the words that call out the best in who they are.

Dance Your Heart | Maidservant of Encouragement | MofEHome

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Take a yoga class with me! I offer free holy yoga classes to help you find freedom in your body and beautiful presence in your mind right from home. Find a class to enjoy here.

“Movement is the song of the body.” Vanda Scarevelli

I began my own yoga practice 15 years ago. I had no intention of ever teaching.

Yoga for me was a sacred space. My mat, a private refuge.

Until I was in my thirties I battled bouts of severe depression and anxiety. As a former gymnast, I had no interest in yoga as a performance. I came to my yoga practice desperate. I could already do handstands. What I needed to learn was stillness. Every hour was for redemption purposes and that is how most of my yoga practice continues to be this day.

I teach mostly to new students. My style is based on grace, and my emphasis is on helping my students connect to their breath and tenderly listen and work with their bodies to experience the physical and emotional benefit of the posture. I am not interested in impressive postures for their own sake.

Yoga for me grounds me to the real. Gives me back Presence. Connects me to my breath, my heart, my body, my Why.  It is an honor for me to be guide for others to help them encounter the Beauty and Mystery that lingers so close to us all.

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I am currently teaching locally in Portland, Or and working on creating online classes too.

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For local friends, email me ( for current class schedule and follow along on instagram as well.

Morgan Day Cecil is a certified and registered 225hr Holy Yoga Instructor (R-HYI). She is currently continuing her education and training through Holy Yoga’s 500hr Master training program. Morgan has a M.A in Easter Philosophy and was “seized by the power of a great affection” when she was 30. She teaches breath-centered, Spirit-led classes with contemplative prayer.  Her mission as a teacher is to proclaim romance to the glory of God in body, mind, heart and spirit. She believes that wellbeing, joy and freedom in our body and whole being is for everybody. Grace is not a competition and peace is not a pant size.

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